Few words

A short overview of life, education and work.

I was born on 8 March 1981 in a little but yet splendid town named Ivaylovgrad, Bulgaria. I am proud to have grown up and lived there for 17 years. I graduated from a general high school. Afterwards I enrolled at the Military School of Higher Education in a period to major changes, thus graduating from the National Military University in the town of Veliko Tarnovo.  After spending four years working as a military officer, at the end of 2007 I ended my work in the Bulgarian army at my own request.  Today I am professionally involved with IT systems for management and analysis of business processes (Also known as ERP systems).

The Photography?

A photographer?! Certainly not. These days everyone owns a photo camera and “photography is his/her life…”! My life is my family, my loved one and my friends. I don’t claim to be shooting picturesque landscapes, astonishing portraits, stunning macro objects and other breathtaking pictures. I just admire beauty and goodness. Photography is something I enjoy doing anytime and anywhere. And if my photographs manage to make people smile and make them feel good, that would be just enough for me.

My educational background in photography is entirely based on books and web sites. I’ve learned to use software again along the way and be searching menus and testing.


Everything! Specialization is for professionals. I, being an amateur and admirer, feel painfully limited by shooting only landscape or wedding photography.

The web site?

I have used social networks in order to share my pictures for a very long time. In fact, that’s all I use social networks for. There are numerous reasons why I decided to withdraw from them. What really got me motivated to create my own web site was that for some time my network of social contacts has grown so much that comments below the shared pictures decreased. This Theme to be continued  …

Favorit photography:

Black & White